Raising Jr. right on the 5200

Pac-Man was everywhere in the 80’s.  Not content to stay in the arcade, Pac-Man showed up in home video games, cartoons, board games, and even breakfast cereal.  Yours truly may have even had a Pac-Man quilt on his bed at one point.  I don’t anymore… but I kinda wish I did.  Anyway, my point is […]

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The 5200 is Invaded!

Space Invaders.  One of the most influential video games ever created, it’s history is strongly tied with that of Atari.  An enormously popular arcade game, Space Invaders was released by Taito in the summer of 1978 and had several features that made it stand out, the most noticeable being the invaders themselves. Creator Tomohiro Nashikado […]

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Playing for Qix on the 5200

The first I knew of Qix wasn’t from seeing or playing it, but rather from a book.  George Sullivan’s early 80’s paperback “How to Win at Video Games” which, if I remember right, my brother picked up through a Scholastic book sale.  The book fascinated me, although I don’t think it ever actually helped me […]

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All-Out Wor on the 5200!

Hey there 5200 fanatics – it’s time to flip open the storage compartment on the back of 5200, grab the player two joystick, and get ready to wage Wor on those nasty Worlings!  I do mean the player 2 joystick, if you are playing solo.  I got a laugh watching a popular YouTuber fail to […]

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